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Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are single-stranded, covalently closed RNA molecules that widely exist in various organisms. Unlike traditional linear mRNAs, circRNAs lack 5' and 3' ends and are resistant to RNA exonucleases-mediated degradation. Thus, they are more stable both in vivo and in vitro.
For a long time, circRNAs have been considered a long non-coding RNA. The CirCode team recently found that circRNAs can produce functional proteins in a cap-independent manner using IRESs, RNA modifications, or IRES-like elements (ref 1-3). CircRNA is an ideal platform for next-generation mRNA therapies due to its high stability, low immunogenicity, and cell-specific translation.
About circRNA
Technical Features of circRNA
Based on our knowledge of circRNA, CirCode has developed a proprietary technology platform that can robustly produce circRNAs with high translation efficiency to explore more effective therapeutic drugs.
CirCode is committed to promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and realizing the benefit of science and technology for mankind.
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